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Looking for a new church family? Come join us for worship and fellowship!

Our People

We are certainly not a perfect people but we are a forgiven people who desire to serve our Perfect Savior. Because we are forgiven, we choose to love others. We are not all we want to be nor are we what we used to be before we met Jesus. We consider it an honor to be called "HIS." We pursue the privilege of knowing Him better, making Him known more completely, and loving Him more deeply. We understand that we could never love you as much as Jesus loves you, but our desire is that you may find the Love of Jesus revealed in and through us. Please come to visit with us. Your presence would honor us, but of more importance it will honor our Lord. You are LOVED!

About Us

Jesus revealed the Father as the God of Love. The Church is the Body of Christ on earth placed here to manifest the loving character of the Lord Jesus. We therefore are committed to the following purpose:


  • To Exalt the Savior

  • To Expound the Scriptures

  • To Equip the Saints

  • To Evangelize Sincerely



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